I am Vorpy.

Vorpy. It’s a familiar name amongst only the most famous personalities in the world. I am a half marshmallow half nugget rainbow pooping garlic bread man created by the famous Gordon Ramsey himself, in my prime always hungry for action. I work as Head of the Search Committee at Roadies and Raghu is my Godfather or is it Rajeev? Anyways, the most prominent and amazing of cult in this nation. For years, I lived by the "Vorylicus Principal“, my own theory of principles that should be applied to every serious situation in this nation.

In the nation of Gandhi & Honey Singh

Where we have choices between a Lotus & a Haath.

In India.

I am a man of opportunity. I have exhibited eloquence, wit, and creativity in every field. I am also highly competitive, and have added a list of challenges to be completed by myself and by the other BFFs(that's what I call my kind) wishing to prove themselves in this cruel world. The list is increasing and I am scouting for recruits to make Leisure time great again.

My Family and Friends:

You know what they say about being conceived in heat of the moment. I was born in an oven, and in only the most prestigious of them all, Papa Ramsay's oven . When I was younger, my dad, Ramsey (not the guy who made purani haveli & Taikhana), told me that anything that can be trolled should be trolled with passion but only on the internet. Ever since that day, I dedicated myself to find a solution to rescue people out from the matrix(the social media) and to Zion(the promised Land of face time).

Short Timeline of my life:

1996: The year I was born. The year of greatness

1996 - 2010: Travelling the world, learning new languages and troll arts.

2012: built a huge ass underground bunker and waited for the world to end.

2012 - 2014: Spent time in that bunker thinking that the world has ended. In this time I theorised boffolicus principles, ostensibly written by me.

2014: Municipality bulldozer dug me up & I found out that the world still exists. Felt like a dumb ass waiting in that bunker.

2014 - 2016: Thought my life was over so did what everyone does..MBA

2016 - 2017: Met world leaders and formed alliances for the fun times to come.

2018: Out on a hunt. Searching for recruits, hiding in the shadows, sniping with their puns and memes.


Awesome. Trustworthy. Punctual. Pun-oriented. Some of the few words to describe the awesome people I am looking for. There are so many of you out there and I'm looking for you.

Coming soon before your Crush replies...

If you have anything to ask me, click on the lower contact button, or comment on my posts. Stay awesome, people of the world.